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Nancy Osterman Corrections Tech

You go Girl, Be as Great as Nancy can Be

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Nancy Osterman Diva Pic 2007

Divas1: Divas Realestate Nancy Ostermans StoryDivas1: Divas Realestate 14 E. Jessamine 14Feb07Demolition1

Nancy Osterman Great Mom_Grandmother

Tough Love Happy Valentines Day Nancy 1 yr ago your homestead destroyed by corrupt city officials: Must trigger42 USC 3631
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Saturday, December 30, 2006


Wouldn't you want to bring her home to Mom!

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Below I have pasted a small part of the 2006 Survey of HUNGER & HOMELESSNESS. Please click onto the title of this post for the complete report. I have also put a permenant link to the survey under my profile to the right of the screen.

During the past year, requests for emergency shelter increased in the survey cities by an average of 9 percent, with 68 percent of the cities registering an increase. Requests for shelter by homeless families alone increased by 5 percent, with 59 percent of the cities reporting an increase.

An average of 23 percent of the requests for emergency shelter by homeless people overall and 29 percent of the requests by homeless families alone are estimated to have gone unmet during the last year. In 86 percent of the cities, emergency shelters may have to turn away homeless families due to lack of resources; in 77 percent they may also have to turn away other homeless people.

People remain homeless an average of eight months in the survey cities. Thirty-two percent of the cities said that the length of time people were homeless increased during the last year.

In 55 percent of the cities, families may have to break up in order to be sheltered. In 54 percent of the cities families may have to spend their daytime hours outside of the shelter they use at night.

Mental illness and the lack of needed services lead the list of causes of homelessness identified by city officials. Other causes cited, in order of frequency, include lack of affordable housing, substance abuse and the lack of needed services, low-paying jobs, domestic violence, prisoner reentry,
unemployment, and poverty.

Officials estimate that, on average, single men comprise 51 percent of the homeless population,families with children 30 percent, single women 17 percent, and unaccompanied youth 2 percent.

The homeless population is estimated to be 42 percent African-American, 39 percent white, 13 percent Hispanic, 4 percent Native-American and 2 percent Asian. An average of 16 percent of homeless people is considered mentally ill; 26 percent are substance abusers. Thirteen percent are employed; nine percent are veterans.

The average percentage of homeless families headed by single parents in the survey cities is 71 percent; and, on average, children represent 24 percent of the entire population in emergency shelters in the cities. Eighty-seven percent of the survey cities say that there was an increase in homeless children in the emergency shelter system.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Lawsuit Alleges 85 Year Old Man Beaten By Police

Please click onto the title of this post for a disturbing story of alleged police brutality.


Please click onto the title of this post if you would like to post a comment to a large media venue. :)

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Councilman Helgens Redevelopment Agenda

Hi All,

I have conferred with Councilman Helgen and he was not able to comment on Divas lounge. Apparently there is adverse actions being taken. This being in court and all I am assuming he is bound by legalities from making a statement concerning this issue.

However, he was so kind as to share with me his redevelopment agenda. His comments are below. Thank You for the input Councilman Helgen.

Councilman Lee Helgen-

Regarding my redevelopment agenda. I have been focused on revitalizing
the Rice Street Corridor to help foster reinvestment and attract new
businesses. I am also working to address the condition of the housing
stock. Currently, the city has over 800 vacant houses, many of which
are in very poor condition. I have pressed for much more active role
from the city in getting these houses rehabilitated and getting blighted
properties removed.

While I respect property rights, I do believe that property owners have
an obligation to maintain their property and do their part to keep the
city a desirable place for people to live. I think the changes moving
through the process to create a fire certificate of occupancy for rental
properties will help provide a more structured and regular process for
code enforcement.

In the end, if our city is to remain an desirable place to do business,
live and raise a family we must encourage redevelopment along our aging
commercial corridors, and we must improve the overall quality of the
housing stock. For this to be success we must do more to help our
residents get connected to good paying jobs and create a sense of
optimism for the future.

I hope this helps.

Lee Helgen

More On Copper Thefts From Vacant Buildings.

Please click onto the title of this post for more information on the copper thefts from vacant buildings.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Vacant Buildings Copper Stolen

Reprinted here from Saint Paul Issues And Forums

Posted Dec 27, 2006 12:28 pm by Tim Erickson

The following announcement came from the St. Paul Virtual Block Club,
an email list managed by Sergeant Dan Anderson of the St. Paul Police
Department. See below for further information, including information
on how to subscribe.

Tim Erickson
Hamline Midway

- + - + - + - + - + -


This alert is being sent to all owners and neighbors of vacant
buildings presently registered with the City of Saint Paul.

In recent weeks, there have been a rash of break-ins into vacant
buildings where the gas lines are stolen for the copper. In several
cases the gas was turned on resulting in huge and very serious gas
leaks. It wasn’t until neighbors began to smell the gas that the
fire department was called. These significant gas leaks can easily
be ignited into a devastating explosion that can not only destroy the
vacant house, but also damage neighboring property as well.

We urge you to immediately do the following:

1. Make sure vacant buildings are completely secure.
Check them regularly and often.
2. Vacant building owners can call Xcel Energy at
651-442-4975 to turn off the gas if you do not
need it. If you turn off the gas be sure to
drain the water to the house to avoid freezing and broken pipes.
3. If a vacant building has been vandalized, notify
the Saint Paul Police by calling 9-1-1.
4. Neighbors should report any suspicious activity at vacant
buildings to the Saint Paul Police by calling 9-1-1.

Your cooperation in this important matter of public safety is
essential, and appreciated. Thank you.

For questions regarding this announcement please contact:

Steve Zaccard, Fire Marshal
Dept. of Fire & Safety Services
100 E. 11th St.
Saint Paul, MN 55101
651-228-6201 Office
651-228-6241 Fax
612-880-5779 Pager

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + -
(info about Virtual Block Club)


DO NOT USE THIS LIST TO REPORT A CRIME. If you are the victim of, or
a witness to, a crime you should dial 911 for emergencies or (651)
291-1111 for non-emergencies.

To submit information to the list send an e-mail to: sppd-
vbc ( at ) ci.stpaul.mn.us

To unsubscribe from the list send an e-mail to: sppd-
vbc ( at ) ci.stpaul.mn.us with Unsubscribe in the subject line.

If you have any questions regarding this list please contact me:

Sergeant Dan Anderson
Special Investigations Unit
Saint Paul Police Department
367 Grove St
St Paul, MN 55101
Office 651-266-5686
Fax 651-266-5985
dan.anderson ( at ) ci.stpaul.mn.us
Member: International Association of Law Enforcement Planners

Tim Erickson
tim ( at ) e-democracy.org

Minneapolis Schools: Convincing by Convicting

Minneapolis schools: Convincing by convicting
Minneapolis schools are testing a new program that combines health and law to teach teenagers the downside of drinking.

By Emily Kaiser, Star Tribune

Suited-up lawyers, a robed judge and 33 jury members replaced drums, keyboards and music stands in Minneapolis Roosevelt High School's band room.
It was mock trial time. Student lawyers took turns presenting evidence for a case about an underage drunken driver who seriously injured his friend after his father had provided alcohol.

They had one hour to convince the jury that the parents were negligent.

Please click onto the title of this post for the rest of the story.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

White Flight Back To The City

Cities regain their residential worth
After years of "white flight" to the suburbs, Minneapolis and St. Paul are leading a nationwide urban comeback.

By David Peterson, Star Tribune
Last update: December 26, 2006 – 8:25 AM

Urban rebound

The gingerbread craftsman
Kathy Arnell didn't have just your typical annoying 45-minute commute from Champlin to Minneapolis. When Arnell, a registered nurse, was on call for 24 hours at a time, sometimes she made the commute twice in one day.

Please click onto the title of this post for the rest of the story.

ACLU Sues Texas Town For Not Renting To Illegals

By the NewsMax.com Staff
For the story behind the story...

Tuesday, Dec. 26, 2006 1:39 p.m. EST
ACLU Sues Texas Town for Not Renting to Illegals

Two civil rights groups filed a lawsuit Tuesday challenging a suburb's new law that outlaws renting to illegal immigrants, alleging the ordinance violates federal law and forces landlords to act as immigration officers.

The American Civil Liberties Union and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund filed the suit on behalf of Farmers Branch residents and landlords.

The law, along with a measure that made English the official language of the city, was passed in November and is scheduled to go into effect Jan. 12.

Please click onto the title of this post for the rest of the story.

Racketeering Lawsuit #3, City Went After These Investors Whole Portfolio

This is vicious and retaliatory stuff here. You can click onto the title of this post for a link to the 3rd. suit in it's entirety. There is also a link to all 3 racketeering suits to the right of the screen below my profile.

Racketeering Activity and Illegal Code Enforcement
Directed Against Plaintiffs Gallagher, Collins and Dadder’s
on various other rental properties.

143. Defendants' discriminatory and illegal code enforcement activity against Gallagher, Collins and Dadder’s and the other Plaintiffs continues to this day. Code enforcement officers prepared and mailed to Dadder’s written Correction Orders and Summary Abatement
Case 0:05-cv-01348-JNE-SRN Document 17 Filed 12/21/2005 Page 34 of 77

Orders of their rental properties wherein they made petty, malicious and false statements about claimed code violations; many of the entries in the written Correction Orders issued by the code enforcement officers to Dadder’s were false and calculated to make the Dadder’s properties look bad.
144. Cassidy’s June 20, 2005, Summary Abatement Order cited 643 Watson for piles of dirt and yard waste.
145. Senty’s April 19, 2005, Summary Abatement Order cited 1524 Carroll for the door on the north side of garage.
146. Cassidy’s February 8, 2005, Correction Order cited 624 James for rubbish and household items.
147. Cassidy’s December 16, 2004, Summary Abatement Order cited 543 Michigan for household items and house and garage numbers.
148. Magner’s December 10, 2004, Summary Abatement Order cited 250 Duke for a tool box, tires and a couch.
149. Essling’s September 23, 2004, Correction Order cited 974 James for rubble and doors.
150. Cassidy’s September 13, 2004, Summary Abatement Order cited 547 Michigan for carpet and pools.
151. Cassidy’s September 8, 2004, Summary Abatement Order cited 624 James for plastic and a battery.
152. Cassidy’s August 23, 2004, Correction Order cited 547 Michigan for pools, carpet and a microwave.
153. Yannarelly’s July 29, 2004, Correction Notice citied 1532 Concordia for lack of water service (after the tenant failed to pay the utility bill).
Case 0:05-cv-01348-JNE-SRN Document 17 Filed 12/21/2005 Page 35 of 77

154. Essling’s July 28, 2004, Summary Abatement Order cited 624 James for couches, wood, and cardboard.
155. Schiller’s July 21, 2004, Summary Abatement Order citied 974 James for items and tall grass along the alley.
156. Cassidy’s June 28, 2004, Correction Order cited 250 Duke for a couch and storm door, vehicle parked on an unimproved surface, and scrape and paint garage.
157. Yannarelly’s June 25, 2004, Correction Order cited 1500 Concordia for expired plates on a vehicle.
158. Yannarelly’s June 25, 2004, Correction Notice cited 1512 Concordia for peeling paint on siding and expired tabs.
159. Cassidy’s June 17, 2004, Correction Order cited 624 James for a door and railing and birds nesting in the siding.
160. Magner’s June 14, 2004, Summary Abatement Order cited 643 Watson for items in the rear and side yard area.
161. Senty’s April 28, 2004, Summary Abatement Order cited 509 Bay for north side basement windows.
162. Schiller’s April 19, 2004, Vehicle Abatement Order cited 551 Michigan for expired tabs on a vehicle.
163. Schiller’s April 19, 2004, Summary Abatement Order cited 551 Michigan for items around the building.
164. Schiller’s April 19, 2004, Summary Abatement Order cited 547 Michigan for items along the alley and under the side steps.
165. Schiller’s April 9, 2003, Correction Notice cited 543 Michigan deteriorated paint and
Case 0:05-cv-01348-JNE-SRN Document 17 Filed 12/21/2005 Page 36 of 77

deteriorated soffits/fascia.
166. Schiller’s January 23, 2003, Summary Abatement Order cited 547 Michigan for items along the building, under the front steps, and under the front porch.
167. Another code enforcement officer’s November 20, 2003, Correction Notice cited 543 Michigan for deteriorating paint and deteriorating soffits and fascia.
168. Due to the volume of false and petty orders issued by Defendants, and due to the behavior and items used by tenants which a landlord cannot control (yard furniture, kiddy pools and birds nesting), Gallagher, Collins and Dadder’s attempted but could not keep up with the City’s requirements and therefore incurred many reinspection fees and excessive consumption invoices.
169. Magner, Cassidy, Essling, Schiller, Yannarelly, Senty, Singerhouse, Booker, Urmann and John Doe and Jane Doe, worked together with Kelly and Dawkins against each plaintiff to run them out of town by illegally using legitimate tools in the law and city code to interfere with the Plaintiffs’ business by driving up the cost of doing business for the benefit of the city and other competitors in the low income housing market, including PHA, whom on information and belief, receives beneficial treatment.
170. As a direct result of the constant discrimination and illegal code enforcement treatment and racketeering activity directed at Plaintiffs by said Defendants, all at the direction or with the approval of Dawkins and Kelly, Plaintiffs were injured in their rental business and incurred unnecessary expenses, fees and lost profits and Gallagher, Collins and Dadder’s were thereafter forced to sell more than 20 of their real estate investment properties in the City. Other impacted rental property owners were forced to sell properties as well.
171. The illegal actions against Plaintiffs as described above were accomplished to further the
Case 0:05-cv-01348-JNE-SRN Document 17 Filed 12/21/2005 Page 37 of 77

racketeering activity of Defendants.


Monday, December 25, 2006

Minnesota Criminal Justice System

Please click onto the title of this post to see a story of business as usaul in our justice system I have a lot to say about this and will comment further in the thread.

DNA Witness Jolted Dynamic Of Duke Case

Please click onto the title of this post for an interesting story concerning DNA.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Mortgage Fraud Big Business In Minnesota

Please click onto the title of this post for a distressing story about mortgage fraud.


Please click onto the title of this post for a story on the financial state of our City.


Divas Realestate 14 E. Jessamine 14Feb07Demolition

Jessamine - a photoset on Flickr

Demolition at 14 E. Jessamine

4 photos Detail view

Photos are from between
23 Mar 06 & 24 Mar 06.
jessamine4 jessamine3 jessamine2 jessamine1

Divas Realestate Nancy Ostermans Story

1 year ago Demolition 14JessamineTaxStatement

QUESTIONS FOR THE FBI: Before files are corrupted by city/county webmasters: E Commerce property tax re: Title 18c1001 false published
tax's on Demolished Bldg. re:HUD v. City St. Paul/2001-0791.resp.pdf
Steve Magner St. Paul - Google Search
Word RRInfo Logo Picture of a skyline

Information from Ramsey County's Department of Property Records & Revenue

Tax & Property Characteristic Information

New Property Search

Back to Search Results

Quick Info

Property Information

Taxpayer Name and Address

Value Information

Value History

Structure Description

Sale Information

Special Assessments

Property Tax Payment Information

Property Tax Payment History

Property Tax Statement/Value Notice

2005 Property Tax Statement/Value Notice

2004 Property Tax Statement/Value Notice

Payment Stubs

Truth in Taxation Statement

Minnesota State Form M1PR


Quick InformationTip: Click Property Tax Payment Information to continue

Go to E-Pay

Property Identification Number (PIN)
Property Address14 Jessamine Ave E
St. Paul 55117-5015
Property Recorded AsAbstract
Assessment Date01-02-200501-02-2006
Tax Payable Year20062007

Total Estimated Market Value$223,700$223,800
Total Taxable Market Value$149,600$172,000

Total Estimated Land Value$40,400$55,600
Total Estimated Building Value$183,300$168,200

Total Property Tax + Special Assessments$4,718

Property Class DescriptionRes Non-hmstd
Res Non-hmstd

Year Built
# of Stories
Finished SQ Feet
Foundation Size
Plat or Section / Township / RangePottgiesers Subdivision Of,lot
Legal DescriptionLot 15 Blk 3
Most Recent Qualified Sale
Most Recent Qualified Price


Ramsey County R logoDatabase Last Refreshed 02-14-2007
Copyright 2003
Ramsey County
Email: PropertyTaxInfo@co.ramsey.mn.us


E-DemBlog14Jessamine 42 USC 3631Nancy Osterman’s story
TITLE 31 Money_Finance

Reports from the scene of 14 East Jessamine

Inspector Steve Magner, accompanied by two inspectors from West St. Paul, was there. He informed the two that the City of St. Paul now had control of the ...
www.landlordpolitics.com/reportsfromscene.html - 14k - Cached - Similar pages

A St. Valentine's Day Protest Demonstration

Readers of the Watchdog newspaper may remember the vendetta which St. Paul housing inspector Steve Magner has against Osterman. ...
www.landlordpolitics.com/valentine.html - 8k - Cached - Similar pages


File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
structural engineer, Supervisor Steve Magner. made good on his threat. ... Plaintiffs claims arise from the violations by the City of St. Paul of the ...
www.watchdog-news.com/WDSite/Page%202_files/Watchdog%20issue%2050-6.pdf - Similar pages

Aamended Complaints in 2nd St. Paul RiCO case

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
Steve Magner, individually and as a supervisor of City of. St. Paul’s Department of Neighborhood Housing and. Property Improvement; Mike Cassidy, ...
www.watchdog-news.com/WDSite/RICO_files/2nd-rico-amended-complaints-1.pdf - Similar pages

Approved Minutes for July 21st, 1999

Resolution - 99-684 - Authorizing the City of Saint Paul to accept $84000 of ... 75% to 85% completed according to Steve Magner from Code Enforcement. ...
www.stpaul.gov/council/1999/jul2199cam.html - 12k - Cached - Similar pages

Approved Minutes for May 17th, 2000

Steve Magner, Vacant Buildings Supervisor, Division of Property Code Enforcement, ... There is an annual cleanup of junk cars in Saint Paul and they will ...
www.stpaul.gov/council/2000/may1700cam.html - 26k - Cached - Similar pages

March 22, 2006

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
St Paul, Minnesota 55101-1024. Telephone:. 651-266-9090. Facsimile:. 651-266-9124. Web:. www.liep.us ... Vacant Building Supervisor Steve Magner, ...
service.govdelivery.com/docs/STPAUL/STPAUL_DeptLIEP/STPAUL_590/STPAUL_590_20060331_en.pdf - Similar pages

Converted by FileMerlin

Steve Magner, Department of Neighborhood Housing and Property Improvement (NHI), ... Dave Bergem, owner of Centerline Truck and Auto in St. Paul, appeared. ...
service.govdelivery.com/docs/STPAUL/STPAUL_DeptCityCouncil/STPAUL_66/STPAUL_66_20050720_en.htm - 217k - Cached - Similar pages

What is a progressive?

The City of St. Paul intended to demolish this house belonging to a single mother, ... Osterman also told a story about the city inspector, Steve Magner, ...
www.goldparty.org/progressive.html - 44k - Cached - Similar pages

Melissa Brunner — Steve Brunnhuber : ZoomInfo Business People ...

Paul Brunner co-founded Magner Corporation the predecessor to what are today's Magner ... Mr Brunner holds a doctorate of economics from St. Gallen . ...
www.zoominfo.com/people/level2page5081.aspx - 253k - Cached - Similar pages

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Candidate profile Sharon4Anderson's Legal BlogBriefs
LEGAL NOTICE: /s/Sharon4Anderson@aol.com ECF_P165913Pacersa1299 telfx: 651-776-5835: Document's are based on SEC filings, current events, interviews, SharonScarrellaAnderson press releases, and knowledge gained as financial journalists, Private Attorney Generals, Candidates for Public Offices, and may contain errors. Investment decisions should not be based solely on these documents BlogItBabe Legal Eagle SharonAnderson Sharon-AndersonI AndersonAdvocates Sharon4Anderson Bill Dahn Sexy Seniors1 Alice Krengel Cheryl Hilyar Judicial Delusions1 WILLY LUFSKY Scap129FAnokaP2697(1976) Cpl James R. Anderson USMC 11022885 Bio for Sharon Anderson , expressly forbids its writers from having financial interests in securities they recommend to readers, affiliated entities, employees, and agents an initial trade recommendation published on the Internet, after a direct mail publication is sent, before acting on that recommendation. Senior Queen 2007 Winter-Carnival TAKING DL_AOL Journal Legal Eagle SharonAnderson 1 Journalism Ethics Blogger: 1986 Petition Jane Duchene MN Bull SharonScarrellaAndersonUSBriefs - Buzznet Photo Sharing Community Sharon'sFedCases1973to2006_13pdf Anderson + Advocates http://www.sharonanderson.org/ http://www.sharon4anderson.org/

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